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EIFS Consulting & Inspection

There may be a variety of reasons for an EIFS Inspection of your property such as: Real Estate Transactions, New Home Warranty Claims, Installation Inspection, or to assist with existing damage of the structure.


(EIFS) Exterior Insulation Finish Systems offer many advantages over other types of cladding systems. EIFS offer the ability to replicate almost any architectural style. EIFS are low cost and lightweight and provide an economical cladding system. EIFS can also be installed over existing buildings.

What We Have To Offer:

Combined with Level 1 Certified thermography, we offer EIFS consulting services to assist you with warranty claims, sourcing moisture intrusion and installation inspections. Get It Inspected is a good standing member of the EIFS Council of Canada (ECC), a national non-profit industry trade association that represents the overall EIFS industry in Canada.

The ECC membership is comprised of manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, contractors, building consultants and more. The ECC serves as the “official voice” of the EIFS industry with a mandate to provide for the advancement and growth of the industry across the country.

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As most installations do deviate from the practice guidelines we have to ask: Will the cladding provide a service life for the building as it was intended?

Often unable to open exterior walls up and explore, inspectors must make the best guess possible as to what is going on under the EIFS.

Inspection and consulting services typically involve multiple site visits which can also take place in the evening to ensure we collect quality data, accurate temperature readings, and account for measurement effects such as distance and emissivity using infrared cameras.

As consultants it is our job to interpret thermograms and make informed decisions using reference of best installation practices and heat transfer concepts to analyze thermal images. Our ITC certification exceeds the requirements of international infrared certification standards.

We train with our equipment manufactures to ensure the highest level of service. ITC (Infrared Training Center) is the customer training arm of FLIR Systems, the global leader in thermal imaging systems.

As every EIFS inspection or project is unique please contact us for more information.

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